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March 2 at

SITE Santa Fe

March 3 at

The Railyard

March 4 at

NM Museum of Art

March 5 at

La Montañita

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March 7 at

Sunflower Market

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Counter Culture

March 9 at

Harry’s Roadhouse

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March 11 at

Children’s Museum

Axle Contemporary



An Axle Contemporary project designed by Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel

in SITE Santa Fe’s March 2012 / Time-Lapse exhibition

In March 2012, the road led us to SITE Santa Fe, where Axle Contemporary was invited to participate in Time-Lapse / MARCH 2012.  Our project, E PLURIBUS UNUM, engages our mobile gallery, the SITE Santa Fe gallery, and the web. The interior of the mobile gallery was transformed into a photo studio where Axle Contemporary collaborators, Jerry Wellman and Matthew Chase-Daniel created photographic portraits of over 500 people over the course of 10 days in 11 locations all over the city.  Each participant held a small meaningful object in their portrait.  2 copies of each photograph were immediately printed in our mobile printing station.  One was distributed free to the participant, the other hung on the walls (interior and exterior) of the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery. 

As the photos have accumulated throughout the hours and days of the project, we are creating a portrait which blends all the individual photographs into one image.  This evolving portrait is presented in SITE Santa Fe's gallery, online (unumeplurib.us), and at Axle Contemporary.

Archival-quality portraits on rag paper are available for purchase by special order.

We’ve published a book of the collection of portraits.  This is available at Axle Contemporary, SITE Santa Fe, and at other locations in Santa Fe and beyond.

SITE Santa Fe will host a book signing and celebration on Saturday, May 12th from 11 am - 1 pm.

Partners/locations were: SITE Santa Fe, Railyard, New Mexico Museum of Art, La Montañita Coop Market, Santa Fe University of Art & Design, Santa Fe Community College, Sunflower Market (Zafarano), Counter Culture, Harry’s Roadhouse, Genoveva Chavez Community Center, and The Santa Fe Children’s Museum

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