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Axle Contemporary programming is supported by Axle Projects, Inc.  Axle Projects is supported through individual donations, and grants from the City of Santa Fe's 1% Lodgers' Tax and The McCune Charitable Foundation.  This project is made possible in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts.    Exhibitions in the Santa Fe Railyard are made possible through the support of The Railyard Art Project.  If you are interested in supporting Axle Projects, visit the website here.

Axle Contemporary was founded in 2010 by artists Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, as a collaborative work of art, and an innovative vehicle for arts distribution.  It has since grown beyond the confines of the mobile exhibition space, and also includes forays into book publishing, web-based exhibits, and other alternative venues for expanded and creative art exhibition.  See more here.

Matthew Chase-Daniel

Jerry Wellman

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5 Santa Fe Collage Artists
Ai Krasner
Craig Anderson
Brenda Euwer
John Voorhees

Opening Friday, July 25th

5-7 pm, Railyard

Farmers Market Shade Structure

Exhibition continues through August 17th

Ai Krasner, Turning, 12" x 9", candy wrappers, 2014

Last year, while driving into town, a dollar bill blew past my windshield.  Then I noticed a little clump of bills blowing across the road.  Then I noticed cars around me braking and swerving.  It wasn't much money at all, but it inspired a strong visceral reaction in all of us there.  I got to thinking as I drove away about money, about cash.  It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, the sight of cash blowing down the road gets attention and provokes reactions and thoughts and reflection.  I want to gather as much money as possible, cash it in as one-dollar bills, and distribute it all over town, so people are surprised when they find it. It will be dropped on sidewalks, in vacant lots, tucked under windshield wipers, left on park benches, and more. I want to raise money through Kickstarter, as crowd-funding is the ideal way to raise the money for the crowd-giveaway.  The money come from a broad community and is distributed to another broad community.  My role in the project is only as the facilitator.  I won't keep any of the money for myself, but only act as the gatherer and distributor.  If I raise enough money, we'll have an exhibition in the Axle Contemporary Mobile Gallery with all of the money piled inside for all to see before it is distributed.  Thanks for your contribution.                                                      

           -Matthew Chase-Daniel

Contribute to help make this project happen.  Below on Paypal, on Kickstarter here, or send a check to Matthew Chase-Daniel c/o Axle Contemporary, P.O. Box 22095, Santa Fe, NM, 87502 or stop by the mobile gallery with cash, check, or a credit card.

This project is part of Axle Contemporary's Economologies series, beginning in August, 2014, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The series explores art and action related to the ecology of economies, art related to money, innovative and creative approaches to economics, and interrelations between the fields of economics and ecology.  The series includes an exhibition of visual art, roundtable discussions, performances, and installations.


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Matthew Chase-Daniel

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Axle Contemporary announces 3 Calls for Entries for exhibitions this summer

1- Economologies

Economologies is a series of events and exhibitions which explore art and action related to the ecology of economies, art related to money, innovative and creative approaches to economics, and interrelations between the fields of economics and ecology. Axle Contemporary will present an exhibition by artists who make art about money, with money, including artists minting their own versions of currency.  Works can address economics, relationship between economics and ecology, or alternative modalities of exchange.  Works may be critical, playful, hopeful, and beautiful.  We will select from entries a series of works to exhibit in the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery from August 22nd - September 14th. New Mexico-based artists only.   Deadline for submissions is July 31st.  Send images or website links and contact information to

2- CSA

Community Supported Art: Apparel 1.0

Axle Contemporary is producing a subscription-only series of 4 limited-edition t-shirts, each by a different New Mexico-based artist.  This “CSA” will launch as part of our Economologies series.  Each will be screenprinted by Axle Contemporary on the front.  Monochrome images only.  We will select 4 artworks from the images submitted.    One will be released each quarter over the course of a year.  Royalties to artists will be determined based on the number of subscribers to the series. Deadline for submissions is September 15.  New Mexico-based artists only.  Send images or website links and contact information to

3-  Tool Art

While visiting some artist-friends recently, we saw two small objects which intrigued and impressed us.  Both were small simple tools, made by artists.  Michael Sumner had attached an electrical plug to the end of a screwdriver.  The obvious action would be to hold the handle and plug it in, but one hesitated- could this cause a spark, a short-circuit, or a great shock. Michael Schippling had re-welded an ordinary pair of household scissors to work "backwards".  They look unchanged at first, but in using them, one realizes that they cut as you open the handles and release as you close the handles. Both of these artist-made tools are simple, straightforward, and playful.  We invite artists to send us images of tools of their own making: Playful, practical, outlandish, or fantastic.  We will select from entries a series of tools to exhibit in the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery from September 19th - October 12th.  New Mexico-based artists only.  Deadline for submissions is August 15th.  Send images or website links and contact information to

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What would you do with $10 to change the world, or to change your world?

An anonymous donor has created this project. Send your submission/proposal answering the above question (one page maximum) to by Labor Day, September 1st. at midnight.  Free to apply! The donor will select 5 proposals which will be funded. Winning proposals will be announced at the AHA Festival on September 14th, and featured on the Axle Contemporary website.