a fundraiser for Axle Contemporary


Have your choice of name emblazoned on your favorite Axle Contemporary  truck part. Think a label maker pressed out name on a steering column, henceforth known as the Jonathan S. Doe Steering Column!  This is a real classy way to memorialize yourself, a loved one, or your favorite pet.  We will issue a very exclusive certificate of appreciation destined to be coveted by stepvan lovers and art lovers alike.

Stepvan parts are limited.

Choose your favorite part and act now before your most treasured stepvan part is named by another!

Donate via the paypal link above (note your name and part on the memo), or send a check to Narrative Art Center, Axle Contemporary Fund, PO Box 22095 Santa Fe, NM, 87502

All donations are tax-deductible.  Make checks payable to Narrative Art Center.

Red denotes already adopted...


Reflectors  (starboard fore) $10

Reflectors  (starboard aft) $10

Reflectors  (port fore) $10

Reflectors  (port aft) $10

Wiper Blade (starboard) $10

Wiper Blade (port) $10

Turn Signal Lever @15

Lug Nuts  (starboard fore) $16

Lug Nuts  (starboard aft) $16

Lug Nuts  (port fore) $16

Lug Nuts  (port aft) $16

Side Grille (port) $20

Side Grille (starboard) $20

2 Upper Running Light (front) $20

3 Upper Running Lights (front) $20 each

5 Upper Running Lights (rear) $20 each

2 Tail Lights (starboard) $20 each

Tail Light A (aft) $20

Tail Light B (aft) $20

Window Crank (port) $20

Window Crank (starboard) $20

Front Signal Lights (port) $20

Front Signal Lights (starboard) $20

Headlight (right) $20

Headlight (left) $20

3 Clerestory Windows $20 each

9 Clerestory Windows $20 each

Gauge, Fuel $30

Gauge, Oil Pressure $30

Gauge, Speedometer $30

Gauge, Tachometer $30

Fuel Tank Door $30

Accelerator $30

Front Grille $30

Rear Window $30

Ignition $35

Door Latch (starboard) $35

Door Latch (port) $35

Door Latch (aft) $35

Leaf Springs $40

Gear Shift Lever $45

Side Trim (starboard) $45

Round Mirror (starboard) $50

Round Mirror (port) $50

Side Trim (port) $50

Muffler $50

Folding Exterior Table $50

Glove Compartment Door $50

Hood Latch $50

Passenger Window $50

Driver Window $50

Driver Door $75

Passenger Door $75

Fan $75

Rectangle Mirror and bracket (starboard) $75

Rectangle Mirror and bracket (port)  $75


Aluminum Side Panel (port) $100

Aluminum Side Panel (starboard) $100

Battery $100

Rear Brakes $100

Front Brakes $100

Exhaust Pipe $100

Hood $100

Seat $100

Front Shock Absorbers $100

Rear Wheel Rims $100 each

Windshield (starboard) $125

Windshield (aft) $125

Wiper kit $125

Track Lighting $120

Front Bumper $200

Roof $200

Deep Cycle Battery $200

Front Wheel Rims $200

Rear Bumper $300

Rear Axle $300

Radiator $350

Steering Column $350


Transmission $500

Clutch $500

Solar Power $500

All New Tires (actual tires sent!!) $641.38

Engine $1200

Front Axle $1600