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      2004        ISBN 141202340-8      112 Pages     Paperback    b/w     7.0 wide × 10.0 tall     $15

In Chase-Daniel's 2011 series of black and white flatplate scanner photographs of the human body, we are engaged with a rare blend of intimacy and anonymity. As we move through this series, we are by turns seduced and repulsed, the anomalous becomes beautiful, the individual becomes universal. By the end, our sense of boundaries are blurred, between male and female, the beautiful and the ugly, the sacred and profane, youth and old age, self and other.

Also available at Photo-Eye, Collected Works, Caldera, and Op/Cit in Santa Fe, Printed Matter in NYC, and at Craig Krull Gallery in Santa Monica, CA,.

2011    182 pages    88 photos     paperback    8.5" x 11"   Black and White     ISBN:0615574610 / 9780615574615    $14

2011      80 Pages    paperback     8.5 wide × 8.5 tall      color          ISBN:  978-0-9858116-2-4      $25

SHADOWS by Jerry Wellman

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Recipient of the LINE grant, funded by the NEA and The New York State Council of the Arts.

An award- winning book of illustrations and experimental poetic reveries.


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A highly illustrated book of essays and poetry. Mixes sincerity and mirth, philosophy and slapstick, with science and art, to explore issues of death, tree worship, and nature.

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1986       ISBN 0-9616988-0-2      64 Pages    Paperback    b/w     6.0 wide × 9.0 tall    $10

E PLURIBUS UNUM: Santa Fe   Purchase online here or stop by the mobile gallery

Publication Date: 2012   ISBN: 0615628826 / 9780615628820      194 pages  paperback  b/w  8.5" x 11"  $20

In March, 2012, Axle Contemporary produced a 10-day project in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We rigged our mobile gallery as a portrait studio, and photographed all who stopped by in 11 locations around the city over the course of 10 days.  Photos were distributed free on-site, pasted to the side of the mobile gallery, and projected in an exhibition at SITE Santa Fe.  All the photos were composited at the end of the project, creating one image that represents all 566 participants.  All the photos as well as essays about the project are collected here in this book.

Also available at Artisan Santa Fe and Op/Cit in Santa Fe

SEEING INSIDE by Joan Halifax, available online here, or stop by the mobile gallery

Joan Halifax Roshi is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and author.  She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has explored the medium of photography since she was very young.  She has captured striking images of the people and places she has encountered in her extensive travels in Tibet, Burma, throughout Asia, and elsewhere.  This book, published on the occasion of her seventieth birthday, is a selection of her compelling and heartfelt photographs and an essay on her experience of seeing.  Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit Upaya Zen Center and Axle Contemporary.

Also available at Upaya Zen Center

122 pages  8.5” x 8.5”  paperback  color   ISBN:0985811609 / 9780985811600   $30

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HAIKU ROADSIGN   Purchase online here or stop by the mobile gallery

This book documents our 2011 project with photos, the Haiku, poet bios, and essays about the project by Joan Logghe (Santa Fe Poet Laureate); Laura Addison (curator of contemporary art at The New Mexico Museum of Art); and Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman (Axle Contemporary).

Poems by:  Debbie Adams, Burning Books, John Brandi, Lauren Camp, Seth T. Cohen, Deborah A. Cole, Eve De Bona, Teresa Gallion, Jenny Goldberg, Grace Henderson, Cheri Ibes, John Knoll, Wayne Lee, Jane Lipman, Brian Leekley, Sandra D. Lynn, Dara Mark, Don McIver, N. Scott Momaday, Ursula Moeller, Marian Olson, Dru Philippou, Elizabeth Raby, Skip Rapoport, Stella Reed, Barbara Robidoux, Miriam Sagan, Katherine Shelton, Rick Smith, Susan Swab, Charles Trumbull, and Marguerite Wilson.

BODY by Matthew Chase-Daniel   Purchase online here or stop by the mobile gallery



LANDINGS: birds in the park by Christy Hengst

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This book documents Hengst's traveling public art installation. Since 2008, Hengst has been "landing" her porcelain birds in public spaces around the world.  The birds contain text and imagery relating to war, peace and personal histories. The book includes essays by both Hengst and Henry Shukman.  The birds have landed in over sixty locations, including Central Park and the UN Headquarters in NY, many locations in Santa Fe, beaches along the coast of California, the National Mall in Washington D.C., Chartres Cathedral in France, the weapons development site of Peenemünde, Germany, and have migrated as far as the Galapagos Islands.

2012  8.5” x 8.5”  paperback  color   ISBN: 0985811617 / 9780985811617     117 pages      $23


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Autophotography: Self Portraits by New Mexico Photographers

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Photographs by: V. Amore, Henry Aragoncillo, Laurie Archer, Phillip Augustin, Brad Bealmear, Jonathan Blaustein, Gay Block, Iscah Hunsden Carey, Matthew Chase-Daniel, Carola Clift, William Clift, Eric Cousineau, Guy Cross, Ungelbah Davilla, Antone Dolezal, Dianne Duenzl, Jennifer Esperanza, Steve Fitch, Patricia Galagan, Kirk Gittings, Lydia Gonzales, Sondra Goodwin, Meggan Gould, Lauren Greenwald, James Hart, Sol Hill, Megan Jacobs, Jen Judge, David Michael Kennedy, Lisa Law, Willis F. Lee, Louis Leray, Patti Levey, Tamara Lichtenstein, Herbert Lotz, Jessamyn Lovell, Richard Lowenberg, Helen Maringer, Gabriella Marks, Elliot McDowell, Nick Merrick, Philip Metcalf, Lia Moldovan, Duane Monczewski, Delilah Montoya, Sarah Moore, Jonathan Morse, Joseph Mougel, Teresa Neptune, Nic Nicosia, Clay Peres, Jane Phillips, Daniel Quat, Dave Reichert, Meridel Rubenstein,  Janet Russek, Kate Russell, Ward Russell, Tara Raye Russo, Key Sanders, Celia Luz Santos, Suzanne Sbarge, David Schienbaum, Jennifer Schlesinger Hanson, Andrea Senutovitch, Frances Seward, Laura Shields, Brandon Soder, Catie Soldan, Nancy Sutor, Anne Staveley, Sharon Stewart, Jamey Stillings, Dianne Stromberg, Jim Stone, Martin Stupich, Carrie Tafoya, Laurie Tumer, Lisa Tyrrell, Marion Wasserman, Melanie West, Will Wilson, Baron Wolman, Francesca Yorke, Joan Zalenski, and Zoe Zimmerman.

8.5" x 11"    Full Color on White paper  180 pages

Axle Contemporary Press  ISBN-13: 978-0985811648 / 0985811641

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Emblems of Hidden Durations

by Jerry Wellman

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Jerry Wellman, through drawings, essays, reveries, and poetry, explores concepts of death and deathlessness. An ongoing project since the passing of his brother, almost 35 years ago, the book is inspired by his investigations of Eastern thought, funerary architecture, poetry, and philosophy.

The title for the book, Emblems of Hidden Duration, is directly inspired by the writing of Baruch Spinoza. Spinoza proposes a difference between eternity and durations. He suggests eternity as the place that exists outside time, and that durations exist as a series of overlapping and interconnected events. More recently quantum mechanics theorizes: Physical reality is a stack of events that exist as the ever-changing indefinable now.  The book takes the form of an internal conversation with Wellman himself, at the time of his imagined death.

ISBN/EAN13:  0985811633 / 9780985811631

Page Count: 118          Black and White

Binding Type:  US Trade Paper        8.5" x 8.5"


Named as a Best Book of the Year



THE magazine

E Pluribus Unum: Albuquerque

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E Pluribus Unum: Albuquerque contains over 600 portraits taken in the the Axle Contemporary mobile gallery on the streets of downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico from January 6-12, 2014. There are also numerous shots of the portrait-covered vehicle on the streets of the city, as well as writings by Albuquerqueans on what "E Pluribus Unum" means to them. The cover is an image created by blending equal portions of all of the portraits.

ISBN/EAN13: 098581165X / 9780985811655

Page Count: 232

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

Publication Date: Jan 14 2014


The Royal Breadshow

Purchase online here, at Axle Contemporary or at SITE Santa Fe

This book documents Axle Contemporary's 2013-2014 project where community-sourced miniature porcelain sculptures were baked into loaves of specialty breads by local bakers in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Breads sold were accompanied by individualized crowns with community-sourced writings about bread: Poems, essays, and aphorisms. Portions of the project, inspired by the tradition of Kings Cake, were exhibited at Axle Contemporary's mobile gallery and at SITE Santa Fe. The book includes photographs of 269 sculptures and 57 pieces of writing about bread.

ISBN/EAN13:  0985811668 / 9780985811662

Page Count: 180

US Trade Paper

6" x 9"

Black and White with Bleed


The Renga Project

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The Renga Project is a new take on an ancient traditional collaborative form of Japanese poetry. 52 weekly stanzas were written by a diverse group of New Mexico poets. We also invited 52 New Mexico artists to create a linked drawing with each artist responding to a writer's stanza. The poem was displayed on a large sign in the Santa Fe Railyard for one year, with new stanzas added weekly. The drawings were exhibited in the Axle Contemporary Mobile Gallery during the summer of 2014. The book contains the full poem, all the drawings, and two essays.


Britta Andersson, Helena Andolsek, Erin Bad Hand, Will Barnes, Amy Beeder, Hakim Bellamy, Sherwin Bitsui, Sonja Bjelic, Chee Brossy, Paige Buffington, Chuck Calabreze, Lauren Camp, Deborah Casillas, Ungelbah Davila, Jon Davis, Matt Donovan, Joanne Dominique Dwyer, Jamie Figueroa, Ann Filemyr, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Greg Glazner, Lise Goett, Veronica Golos, Gabe Gomez, Richard Greenfield, Renee Gregorio, Joy Harjo, Elizabeth Jacobson, Christopher J. Johnson, Stephanie N. Johnson, Donald Levering, Dana Levin, Jane Lin, Monty Little, Joan Logghe, Jessica Helen Lopez, Valerie Martinez, Dora McQuaid, Carol Moldaw, Malena Morling, Sawnie Morris, dg nanouk okpik, Margaret Randall, Jamie Ross, Miriam Sagan, Henry Shukman, Jonathan Skinner, James Thomas Stevens, Catherine Strisik, Leslie Ullman, Connie Voisine.


Terry Allen, Ernest Bell, Jeff Benham, Charlie Carrillo, Claire Coté, Lisa de St. Croix, Luke Dorman, Nina Elder, Alexandra Eldridge, Betsy Emil, Danny Green, Fran Hardy, Karina Hean, Bart Johnson, Juan Kelly, Caity Kennedy, Celeste LaForme, Katherine Lee, Joanne Lefrak, David Leigh, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Nina Mastrangelo, Elizabeth McNitt, Eliza Naranjo Morse, David Nakabayashi, Joel Nakamura, Timothy Nero, Gene Newman, Lara Nickel, Larry Bob Phillips, Ron Pokrasso, Prakash, Gail Rieke, Janet Stein Romero, Sam Scott, SCUBA, Rose Simpson, Gerry Snyder, Mark Spencer, Rick Stevens, Linda Swanson, Gina Trujillo & Sonya Gonzales, Peter Voshefski, Erika Wanenmacher, Jerry Wellman, Kappy Wells, Jerry West, Todd Ryan White, Robin D. Williams, Cedra Wood, Debby Young, Greta Young

ISBN/EAN13:      0985811676 / 9780985811679    78 pages  paperback  8.5" x 8.5"  Black and White

A special handmade book is available as well

accordion-style with 4 seasonal sections

and fifth w/essays and artist bios.

Individual season: $50

Full set w/ handmade clothbound case: $250

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Dollar Distribution

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This book documents Matthew Chase-Daniel’s 2014 Dollar Distribution, with writing and dozens of color photographs.


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Since 2011, Axle Contemporary Press has published eleven titles, both documenting some of the exhibitions and other projects of Axle Contemporary, and also other projects of interest by New Mexico-based artists.